About Innayat

Innayat is a youth organisation, formed on 16th November 2018. It was founded by Mr Vinayak Agarwal at the age of 16. As he began working, new members joined and now we are a team of 40 people. We, the Innayat family believe that a change must be big enough to not only affect the lives of those around us but everyone in the country. Our main goal is to not just focus on a smaller and high school level but grow broader and broader. or it is essential to make the lives of the needy, an INNAYAT, a blessing.The youth is considered to be the future, the savior and the warrior. Who will fight to save the world, but we are often misunderstood by the titles of being entitled, lazy and uncommitted towards our goal.

How can you help?


Donate to Innayat Organization and help us change the lives of even more children.

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If you want to get really stuck in and experience our work then why not and volunteer with us?

Corporate social responsibility

We are always looking to partner with organizations who want to make a positive impact on society.

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